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Morava is an old village. The place was inhabited long time ago. There were settlements south and north-west from the village today. According to excavations made by polish archaeologists in 1958 at first the place was inhabited by Romans and then by the Slavs.

The present village, perhaps, began existing after the Turkish conquest. The first settler was the Turkish man Hadji Musat. At first the village was named after him.

But when the railroad is built in 1908 from the municipal council does not permit the name of the station to be Hadji Musat. Thus they send a request to the National Assembly the railway station to be named after the green lawn that surrounded the village. In March 1923 the village gets the name of its railway station – Morava.

The village was electricified in the 1955/56 and in the period from 1969 to 1972 water supplied.


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