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People in Morava are proud of the theatre when it was almost on a level with the professional theatres. During that time each season stagings were performed on a local, municipal, regional and national level.









Special part of the community centre’s cultural club activities takes the folklore group, which in 2006 celebrated its 30 years and which have to its credit much successes.

(of the group: Veska Pulyova)





Vocal groups




The vocal groups ‘Dream’ and ‘Charm’ regularly participate in municipal and national festivals. They also were invited as special guests in TV shows and a lot of festivals where received many awards.

(Head of the group: Iliyan Geshev)





Vocal group – folk-songs




It has wonderful appearances and regularly takes part in lots of folklore fairs around the country where receives a number of prizes.

(Head of the group: Evgenya Lichkova)




Literary club – ‘Flight’





It was established in 2007 by a couple of enthusiasts led by Mr. George Pulyov, who first published his own book with poems and other works. He has prepared to print another one. In the group take part lovers of poetry from the village. On their meeting they read poems, stories, aphorisms, discuss topics, and share their points of view and opinions. Many of them have their own creations. At present 30 authors of different ages form ‘Flight’.




Children’s participation

A lot of children participate in the community centre’s cultural club performances. There are groups of children who dance, sing and take part in theatre stagings.


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