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Morava village is located in Veliko Tarnovo’s district. It is one of the biggest city-councils of the Svishtov municipality and its area is around 32969 decares. The nearest villages are Delyanovtsi, Dragomirovo, Ovcha Mogila, Stezherovo and Kozar Belene. There are about 750 houses and 1200 inhabitants.

25461 decares of the territory of the village are agricultural lands, 2246 – pasture ground and 779 –woodland.

The peasants earn their living by cultivating the land and stock-breeding. Two co-operations workon the territory of the village – ‘Iskra’ and ‘Vuzrajdane’. Since 2003 ‘Kemapul’ have started buying lands in the areas of Belene and Svishtov. The main grain crops that are being cultivated are wheat, barley, corn, sunflower and rape.

The stock-breeding is also developed. Two private farms function.

In the village also have kindergarten, school, community centre, post office, health service, church, pensioner club, petrol station, train station, and well-arranged trade objects.

There are dressmaking and tailoring establishment and sausage-maker.


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